Beautiful and Damned por Robert M Drake

Beautiful and Damned por Robert M Drake

Titulo del libro: Beautiful and Damned

Autor: Robert M Drake

Número de páginas: 324 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 22, 2016

ISBN: 9780986262777

Editor: Vintage Wild

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Robert M Drake con Beautiful and Damned

Páginas: 324 Géneros: 12:FYB:Short stories Sinopsis: With the same heartwarming composition and genius Robert M. Drake brought to his international bestselling books Beautiful Chaos, Black Butterfly and A Brilliant Madness, Robert M. Drake now takes his readers to a deeper level of his consciousness with this collection of stories. A man encounters God in a bar, a family is saved by a time traveler in the middle of the night, a journey into the mind of a severely autistic man, a woman finds herself one night out in the city and more. Beautiful and Damned is as haunting and as captivating as the stories it tells, it is proof that Robert M. Drake is one of the most visionary writers working today._,