Hello, Mr Dodo par Nicholas John Frith

Hello, Mr Dodo par Nicholas John Frith

Titre de livre: Hello, Mr Dodo

Auteur: Nicholas John Frith

Broché: 32 pages

Date de sortie: September 1, 2016

ISBN: 1407146432

Éditeur: Alison Green Books

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Nicholas John Frith avec Hello, Mr Dodo

Martha is cuckoo about birds, and goes birdspotting in her garden every day. One day she spots a real, live dodo, and the two become great friends. Martha wants to keep him secret, to protect him. But it's not easy keeping secrets, and she must do some very quick thinking when she accidentally lets her secret slip. HELLO, MR DODO is a unique, captivating picture book about friendship, doughnuts, birdspotting and secrets, illustrated in glowing, retro colours by the super-talented Nicholas John Frith.

Praise for "Hector and Hummingbird"
*"Frith has created a visually stunning work, and young readers who look closely will find a forest teeming with wildlife hidden in plain sight. The tale is simple and universal, the setting is fresh, and it all works. Lovely." -- "Kirkus Reviews," starred review
*"Frith, in a terrific debut, writes with a light touch and an astute ear, making what could have been a familiar odd couple story feel fresh and new. Most impressive of all is his artwork: rendered in a gorgeously florid palette of brown, pink, turquoise, and olive, it evokes both midcentury illustration and vintage barkcloth." -- "Publishers Weekly," starred review
"Marvelous screen-print-style illustrations are shot through with green, turquoise, and bright pink, bringing energy and a playfulness to the Peruvian jungle Hector and Hummingbird call home. Readers will connect with Hector's frustration over being pestered, and won over by Hummingbird's enthusiastic take on friendship." --"Booklist"

Nicholas John Frith grew up in Buckinghamshire, England, and went to school round the corner from the home of Roald Dahl. After spending many years of serving pizza and seeing the world, Nicholas decided to pursue his life-long dream of becoming an author and illustrator. He currently lives and works in Dorset, England.