Spider Sandwiches par Claire Freedman

Spider Sandwiches par Claire Freedman

Titre de livre: Spider Sandwiches

Auteur: Claire Freedman

Broché: 32 pages

Date de sortie: October 24, 2013

ISBN: 1408839156

Éditeur: Bloomsbury Children's Books

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Claire Freedman avec Spider Sandwiches

Do come to tea with Max, He has a MONSTER appetite, He eats such yucky, mucky food, His mealtimes are a fright. He LOVES to glug slug milkshake, Through a stinky hosepipe straw, And as for beetle biscuits ...He can ALWAYS munch one more! And this is just the beginning of Max's frightful mealtimes. From fish-eye cheese and bug burgers to snail trail sauce and cockroach curry, Max will feast on anything crawly, creepy, hairy and sticky. But his favourite snack has to be Spider Sandwiches! Kids will laugh out loud at Max's monstrous mealtimes and terrible tastes in this silly, funny, gloopy, gunky picture book from the bestselling Claire Freedman and Sue Hendra.