Small Trimarans (English Edition) por Joe Farinaccio

Small Trimarans (English Edition) por Joe Farinaccio

Titulo del libro: Small Trimarans (English Edition)

Autor: Joe Farinaccio

Número de páginas: 192 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 16, 2009

Editor: BookSpecs Publishing

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Joe Farinaccio con Small Trimarans (English Edition)

Are Small Trimarans the Ultimate Daysailers / Camp-Cruisers?

"Find out in this original guide for those thinking about building or buying a small trimaran"

Imagine being able to sit down and chat with multihull experts about many of the most popular and frequently sought after production and home-built small trimarans in the world today. Well … now you can!

Get Your Questions Answered in Small Trimarans: An Introduction …

-- Some quick info on these small tri "experts" ... and why they're qualified to help you know about these boats

-- What is the specific purpose behind each of the featured small trimaran designs? A background of each trimaran's creation and design.

-- The "story" behind each boat. A look behind the scenes of many of these fast, incredibly fun sailboats.

-- What makes each small tri unique as compared to others in the marketplace. An overview of the prominent features of every boat.

-- The biggest benefits associated with each particular boat. How are they similar? Different?

-- How fast can these sailboats go? How easy or challenging are they to sail?

-- The biggest challenges or mis-perceptions some new buyers or owners may have. (You may be surprised).

-- How long from trailer to set up? Although each small tri is trailerable, not every one is a perfect boat for daysailing at a brand new venue. Some are more suited for mooring.

-- New pictures and information (stuff not found on the websites advertising these sailboats).

-- How hard (or easy) it is to sail these trimarans? Including insights about masts, booms, and sails. Which ones are good for new sailors, experienced only, and both?

-- What sailors match particular boats? Discover which ones may be a match for you.

-- Should you buy or build your own small trimaran? What one would be best for you? Tips for helping you make the right decision.

-- What are the biggest challenges or obstacles to building (and some great tips) if you're thinking about doing it?

-- How are other sailors experiencing adventures on their small trimarans? Fast sailing. Camp cruising. Quiet anchorages in private coves.

-- Plus, unique insights and stories from these recognized authorities ... and new pictures of the featured high-performing sailboats that haven’t been published … until now!

An 'Inside Look" Many of the Famous
Small Tris You’ve Seen on the Web:

1) The Magnum 18, 21 & 21S Trimarans

2) The Windrider 16, 17 & Rave (Hydrofoil) Trimarans

3) The Weta Beach Trimaran

4) The Wa'apa & Tamanu Small Trimaran Sailing Canoes

5) The A18T Trimaran

6) The Seaclipper 10 & 16 Trimarans

7) The Scarab Small Trimaran Models

8) The Discovery 20 Small Trimaran

9) The Warren 23' & 27' Small Trimarans

10) The L7, Multi 23 & Beach Tri 22 Small Trimarans

11) The KH 16', Spitfire 20' & KH 23' Small Trimarans

12) The Trinado Trimaran

13) The Tremolino Trimaran

14) The K24T Small Cabin Cruiser Trimaran …

15) The Threefold 6 Trimaran

16) Plus … An Interview about Wooden Boatbuilding with Chuck Leinweber -- publisher of Duckworks Magazine and owner of Duckworks Boat Building Supply, who talks at length about the building process, and offers tips especially geared for the individual that hasn’t built a wooden boat yet.

If you are even slightly interested in smaller trimarans that are either trailerable (or car-topable) then this book is for you.

*Highly recommened!