Secure and Optimize your PC (English Edition) por John G. Young

Secure and Optimize your PC (English Edition) por John G. Young

Titulo del libro: Secure and Optimize your PC (English Edition)

Autor: John G. Young

Número de páginas: 50 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 4, 2013

Editor: JGY Publishing

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John G. Young con Secure and Optimize your PC (English Edition)

A Comprehensive step-by-step Guide

It’s time to let go of your fears and frustrations

and learn to implement some of the best-in-class FREE tools,

including the best FREE and efficient anti-malware available.

We’ve all been there…..when you first get your new computer, everything flows, it starts up in a flash, programs load quickly with no problems and surfing the internet is a breeze. Then, a bit down the road something happens; the computer takes too long to start up, programs are slow to load and even freeze. If we put security and maintenance measures into place, we can prevent this annoying slow down from happening. (such slow down is often caused by malware, registry entries no longer valid, a hard disk needing to be reorganized, and more).

You do not have to be an IT wizard to maintain top performance on your computer.

Our guide will have your computer up and running like new, strengthen it against outside threats and avoid potential financial loss (I did blend into this guide 25 years of practical IT experience, up to shaping and managing IT processes at global level). This ebook walks you through the whole process step-by-step and explains everything in technology made easy terms. For those techno-geeks or those wishing to explore more, look for the special icon peppered throughout the book that gives tips on diving deeper. Remember, your PC will take care of you, as long as you take care of it!

Let’s face it, technology was made to make life easier, not the reverse ! By taking action now and applying all steps given in “Secure and Optimize Your PC”. you will be in charge again!

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Wishing you happy tuning of your PC.