Loaded Bat Training (English Edition) por Jedd Johnson

Loaded Bat Training (English Edition) por Jedd Johnson

Titulo del libro: Loaded Bat Training (English Edition)

Autor: Jedd Johnson

Número de páginas: 80 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: October 20, 2013

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Jedd Johnson con Loaded Bat Training (English Edition)

When it comes to training for sports, there's nothing that beats sport-specific training. For many baseball players the ability to generate more power, grip and hand strength for hitting is often difficult to stimulate in the gym.

However grip and hand strength expert Jedd Johnson sheds light on how loaded bat training helps baseball hitters develop power, strength, all while training in sport-specific movements.

Learn how to safely implement this training along with workouts for using loaded bats to help make you a stronger hitter at the plate.

This book includes:
-Conditioning Workouts
-Forearm workouts
-Full body movements to strengthen you from head to toe
-And lots more...