Blueprint for A Successful Vacation Rental (English Edition) por Sumner House SF

Blueprint for A Successful Vacation Rental (English Edition) por Sumner House SF

Titulo del libro: Blueprint for A Successful Vacation Rental (English Edition)

Autor: Sumner House SF

Número de páginas: 63 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: May 28, 2015

Editor: Sumner House SF

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Sumner House SF con Blueprint for A Successful Vacation Rental (English Edition)

The only Vacation Rental Guide designed to create your successful vacation rental business…the best part is we show you how to do it with the least effort possible.

We have produced the most comprehensive guide to running a successful vacation rental business ever written. Other books and websites claim to have the solution, but none are based real world experience using today’s technology and socially connected tools. We have made all the errors so you don’t have to and can start making money from day one.
You will receive more legitimate, hard-core rental strategies in this one vacation rental guide than from a dozen books!

The average rental earns about $1500 per month. That’s $36,000 per year. And after paying maintenance and the mortgage the profits are only a fraction of that amount. We will show you how you can increase your rental profits paying all your bills and giving you positive cash flow.

The vacation rental market is booming and more people are realizing the benefits of staying in a vacation rental over a hotel. Websites like,, Trip Advisor, and even Expedia are advertising vacation rental units with fantastic results.

Should you read books about “theory” or. . . listen to someone who has already done it and has a road map to show you the way?

These materials are authored by us, the vacation rental owners of Sumner House SF, one of San Francisco’s top vacation rentals. For over 4 years we have been running a successful rental business that made double our regular rental profits the first year! We learned the ins and outs of the business through trial and error and now we want to pass this information on to you. Our Vacation Rental Blueprint covers the best and easiest techniques to making your rental into a success:

How to furnish your rental in less than a week and with affordable décor that would make an interior designer jealous

The best web platforms to use for advertising and getting leads.

How to create a rental website in under an hour with no technical experience.

How to set up a virtual assistant to run your business leaving you free to enjoy your profits!

How to make a customer experience so enjoyable your guests will come back year after year.

Imagine having your own profitable rental business and best of all you can grow the business as much as you want!

The benefits are too good not to start now:

Make better profits with your existing rental
Trade your rental for vacation destinations all over the world
Turn an upside down mortgage into positive cash flow
Buy an investment property and turn it into a cash machine
Create an inflation proof business that has millions of potential customers

Yeah but you say “my property will never work as a vacation rental”. Or maybe you’re thinking “its too much of a risk to take a rental unit off the market”. We thought the same things when we started, but because we decided to take advantage of the growing vacation rental trend we now make great positive cash flow!