MS. Found in a Bottle (English Edition) por Edgar Allan Poe

MS. Found in a Bottle (English Edition) por Edgar Allan Poe

Titulo del libro: MS. Found in a Bottle (English Edition)

Autor: Edgar Allan Poe

Número de páginas: 28 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: March 12, 2018

Editor: LMAB

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Edgar Allan Poe con MS. Found in a Bottle (English Edition)

"MS. Found in a Bottle" is an 1833 short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. The plot follows an unnamed narrator at sea who finds himself in a series of harrowing circumstances. As he nears his own disastrous death while his ship drives ever southward, he writes an "MS.", or manuscript, telling of his adventures which he casts into the sea. Some critics believe the story was meant as a satire of typical sea tales.
An unnamed narrator, estranged from his family and country, sets sail as a passenger aboard a cargo ship from Batavia (now known as Jakarta, Indonesia). Some days into the voyage, the ship is first becalmed then hit by a simoom (a combination of a sand storm and hurricane) that capsizes the ship and sends everyone except the narrator and an old Swede overboard. Driven southward by the magical simoom towards the South Pole, the narrator's ship eventually collides with a gigantic black galleon, and only the narrator manages to scramble aboard.