Marathoning Through Life (English Edition) por Bernard Malfroy-Camine

Marathoning Through Life (English Edition) por Bernard Malfroy-Camine

Titulo del libro: Marathoning Through Life (English Edition)

Autor: Bernard Malfroy-Camine

Número de páginas: 212 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: April 21, 2018

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Bernard Malfroy-Camine con Marathoning Through Life (English Edition)

This memoir follows as a main thread a passion for running, and the fulfilment of a decades old dream: running the Boston Marathon as a Qualifier. Tightly intertwined with this main storyline is another passionate adventure of Biotech Entrepreneurship with a quixotic quest to develop a potential treatment for a rare disease, Ataxia Telangiectasia. With a span of several decades, the author lived through many ups and downs, including a brutal descent through his twelve circles of Hell of depression and alcoholism. But overall, this is a story of hope and resilience.
Sharing these life experiences might of course interest runners, might even encourage them to set up difficult goals for themselves, and to fight to achieve them. Maybe more importantly it might inspire Entrepreneurs-to-be to follow their passionate dreams. Finally, while it is in no way intended to be an example to follow and is merely a testimony, it might help others drowning in a personal Hell to see that light does exist at the end of the tunnel, as dark as it may be.